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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Did I mention its been raining?

If you're a regular reader here, you might have noticed that the Weather Pixie over there on the right has been hiding under his umbrella quite often lately. Its been raining buckets full and it has even been reported that the animals are pairing up two-by-two and watching anxiously for their opportunity to prove themselves worthy of space on the boat. The rivers are reaching flood stage and the high mountain snow hasn't even started melting yet!

So its no surprise to anybody that the ground everywhere is saturated and muddy and unfit for driving on with vehicles. Anybody except 21 year olds with 4-wheel drive and the impulsive desire to yell YeeHaw and go wheeling through the mud puddles. I'm talking about son Noah obviously.

Last night, in the pouring rain he headed out, with girlfriend Lili, originally to get a tail light bulb for her car. They got back about 3 hours later, just before my bed time, wet, muddy and stuck! Some kind soul had actually given them a ride most of the way home but the Tracker had been left behind, sunk to its frame rails in a field, on city property.

I don't do this often, but I told him I was mighty disappointed. The word dumbass might have been used to describe behavior similar to this outing...

Lucky for me, he doesn't even want my help. He was certain that his 2 wheeling buddies will drive up from Salt Lake to help him rescue the Tracker. Which they do, driving up in the Toyota 4Runner that's already had its top set aside for the summer sunshine... That sunshine that was dumping down last night in buckets, remember? So the three neophyte wheelers head out, shovels and tow straps to the ready to recover the the Tracker from its muddy resting place.

They get back to the house about 3 AM. Now the Toyota's stuck too! Gee, I couldn't envision that happening!

When I left for work, they were stacked like cordwood in Noah's bedroom in sleeping bags and the phone book was open to the towing services. Since then I spoke to the BSU, she told me that they got up and instead of going to Job Corp as normal, they rescued the vehicles and were back home about noon. They were going for food before heading into school, very, very late.

This probably is going to cost the boy his commuting and living at home privileges and put him back into the dormitories at Job Corp. That will mean only coming home on weekends, cut into his part time job hours and his girlfriend hours...

Seems fitting somehow.

UPDATE: The boy dodged a bullet with Job Corp! They agreed to just call him tardy instead of absent and so he won't be getting his privileges revoked. I did learn last night that the only thing that saved both of the stuck vehicles was a friendly guy with a cell phone and a buddy with a 200 foot cable. He showed up with a 1 ton dually truck, kept it parked on the pavement and was able to pull them free with the cable. Noah was exhausted and Lili too since she had been pressed into shuttle service for this ordeal. But alls well, no tickets, no vehicle damage, no trouble with Job Corp. And maybe a lesson or two learned...

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